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Introducing our law firm
Soldering circuit board

RFTek Specializes in
EMC Engineering & Circuit Design
Since 2002

Introducing RFTek

RFTek is currently in its 20th year of operation and has served hundreds of clients. We understand that the success of our clients in bringing their new electronics products to market is our success as well. Our mission is to operate a profitable business by providing dependable and superior quality services to our clients based on international competitive rates. 


We support clients who design and manufacture electronic products. We are experts in the areas of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), High Frequency (HF) and Radio Frequency (RF) design and testing. We also have experience using the open-source electronics prototyping platform, Arduino, on a variety of projects. Our extensive experience in this field allows us to provide innovative, time-efficient and cost-effective services and  products for you as our client.

Our Top Services


Radiated & Spurious Emissions Pre-Certification Testing

Pre-compliance and custom testing for FCC, CE, and PTCRB requirements using anechoic chamber.


Wireless Low Power Circuit Design 

Expertise in the design and implementation of very small radio transceivers for low power consumption within an integrated circuit.


Arduino-Based Circuit Design & Programming


Expertise in microcontroller-based electronics projects using boards and controllers by Arduino, including the ArduinoUNO, Arduino Leonardo, Ardunio Micro and more.


Internet of Things (IoT)



Expertise in the development of IoT devices and programming for the purpose of measuring parameters and linking that information to the Cloud.

About Us

David Guzman

Founder and Principle Engineer

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Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world.

Elon Musk

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Our Facilities

Our facilities consist of RFTek laboratory facilities and collaborations with and access to lab spaces at the Wireless Research Center (WRC) of North Carolina. Key capabilities are summarized below.

  • RFTek laboratory facilities include the capabilities to build custom circuit boards and benchtop electronic systems and to conduct electronics testing and measurements. 

  • Our facilities at the WRC include an anechoic chamber used for Radiated and Spurious Emissions Pre-Certification Testing and iterative testing of custom-built circuit and antenna design to aid in component and system development. These tests utilize RFTek in-house developed custom LabView instrument automation applications. 

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