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02. Arduino-Based Circuit Design and Programming

Arduino-Based Expertise

RFTek has expertise in microcontroller-based electronics projects using boards and controllers by Arduino, including: 

  • ArduinoUNO (ATMEGA328)

  • Arduino Leonardo (ATMEGA32U4)

  • Arduino Micro (ATMEGA328, ATMEGA32U4)

  • Arduino Nano (ATMEGA328)

  • ArduinoMega (ATMEGA2560)

  • ATTiny85

  • ESP8266

  • NRF-52832

Past Arduino-Based Projects

Past project applications include air conditioning system monitoring, positioning system control, beverage temperature control, smoke detection, the mapping of magnetic fields around circuit boards, and various biomedical applications such as electrical stimulation and electrophysiological parameter monitoring. RFTek is an expert in custom Arduino projects and has worked with governmental, industrial and academic partners to bring products from design to prototype to production. 

Computer Board

 20 Years of Accumulated Practice

Request a Price Quote

If you are interested in Arduino microcontroller-based design or prototyping work, or for any inquiries related to pricing, please contact RFTek for a quote. 

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