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About RFTek

 Founded in 2002

Client satisfaction with RFTek is of the utmost importance and we are proud to say that our clients have been consistently satisfied with our work. RFTek serves clients across industries, including: semiconductors, industrial, scientific and medical (ISM), automotive, telecommunications, Information Technology (IT), consumer, contract manufacturing, and test services. 

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RFTek Engineering

Our Mission

Our mission is to operate a profitable business by providing dependable and superior quality services to our clients based on international competitive rates. We believe that if we satisfy the stringent requirements of electronics development that our clients demand, in a timely fashion and with superior customer service, our clients will return to us with additional projects.


RFTek was founded in 2002 by Principle Engineer David Guzman and is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. Since its inception, RFTek has served customers across the United States and internationally while still remaining a small business committed to personalized attention and maintaining long-term client relationships. RFTek is also committed to hiring and training the next generation of engineers and building collaborations with other small businesses. RFTek is committed to international collaboration and has built partnerships and training programs with small businesses and engineers based locally and abroad. 

Our Founder

David R Guzman, founder of RFTEK

Email: Tel: +1 (919) 622-4088

David Guzman 

Founder & Principal Engineer

David Guzman founded his electrical engineering company, RFTek, in 2002 and is the Principal Engineer who provides services to companies seeking out technical expertise for new product development. Early in his career David worked for Schneider Electric, where he led the development of their first U.S.-based electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) laboratory; Nortel Networks, where he was the Technical Manager of the EMC Design and Compliance group; and RF Micro-Devices (now QORVO) where he supported ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Integrated Circuit development and design practices.

David is an expert in the design and fabrication of electronic wireless miniature devices. In addition to design and fabrication experience, David has expertise in electronic interference analysis and mitigation, the design of circuits for EMC, low power consumption, and automation of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) pre-certification testing. David has expertise in compliance testing for EMC and Radio Frequency (RF) compatibility, which enables companies to receive government frequency plan certificates as required by regulatory agencies such as the FCC and the European Union. 

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RFTek is an intentionally small business focused on personalized attention and providing customizable work for its clients. For us, attentiveness includes regular and comprehensive progress updates, deadlines that meet the requirements of all parties, transparent and open communication, and all of our efforts possible to provide customized products for our clients. Over almost two decades, we have built a balance between the personal feel and direct line of communication available from a small business and building collaborations within other networks locally and abroad in order to provide the most efficient and specialized work for all of our clients' needs. 

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