Electronic Wires

Our Services

We support clients who design and manufacture electronic products. We are experts in the area of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), High Frequency (HF) and Radio Frequency (RF) design and testing. We also have experience using the open-source electronics prototyping platform, Arduino, on a variety of projects. Our extensive experience in this field allows us to provide innovative, time-efficient and cost-effective products for our clients.

Below are services that can be provided by RFTek. We are also open to custom projects depending on the client's needs. Please contact us if you have an idea about how we can provide helpful services for you. 

Radiated and Spurious Emissions Pre-Certification Testing 

Pre-compliance and custom testing for FCC, CE, and PTCRB requirements using anechoic chamber, including:

  • Radiated and Conducted Emissions: FCC CFR47 Part 15, CISPR11, CISPR22, CISPR12 and others.

  • EMC/RF/ESD Design and Analysis: Analog, digital, power supplies, telecom, industrial, medical RF, 2 to 20 PCB layers, DC to several GHz.

  • Wireless Devices EMC and Radio Compliance: FCC CFR47 15.247, EN300-328, EN301-489.

  • Wireless Devices Radio Compliance: FCC Parts 22 and 24.

  • Wireless Device product design. 

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Arduino-Based Circuit Design and Programming 

RFTek has expertise in microcontroller-based electronics projects using boards and controllers by Arduino, including: 

  • ArduinoUNO (ATMEGA328)

  • Arduino Leonardo (ATMEGA32U4)

  • Arduino Micro (ATMEGA328, ATMEGA32U4)

  • Arduino Nano (ATMEGA328)

  • ArduinoMega (ATMEGA2560)

  • ATTiny85

  • ESP8266

  • NRF-52832

Past project applications include air conditioning system monitoring, positioning system control, beverage temperature control, smoke detection, the mapping of magnetic fields around circuit boards, and various biomedical applications such as electrical stimulation and electrophysiological parameter monitoring. 

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Wireless Low Power Circuit Design

RFTek has expertise in the design and implementation of very small radio transceivers for low power consumption within an integrated circuit. 

Communication Tower

RF Circuit Design & Qualification

RFTek has expertise in EMC/RF/ESD Design and Analysis including analog, digital, power supplies, telecom, industrial, medical RF, 2 to 20 PCB layers, DC to several GHz. 

Chip Probing

Internet of Things (IoT)

RFTek has expertise in the development of IoT devices and programming for the purpose of measuring parameters such as voltage, temperature, current, relative humidity, and the pressure of a system and linking that information to the Cloud. 

Image by NASA